Maci came to Tattered Tails Animal Rescue, Inc. at 3 weeks old and in need of medical care.  She had a severe eye infection that had TTAR rushing her to an eye specialist soon after receiving her. The specialist informed TTAR that Maci would go blind and need surgery to remove her eye. It took numerous months of extra food and medication   3-4 times a day in order to get Maci healthy enough to undergo the surgery.  The greatest news came during Maci's pre-surgery vet visit when TTAR was informed that Maci had improved so well with the medication and care that she no longer needed to have her eye removed. Although Maci will have cataracts for the rest of her life she is having a fun, normal, and healthy life with her beautiful eyes in her forever home.


Ginny came to Tattered Tails Animal from ,Humane Society of Amherst County, a rescue down south that we work closely with.  She was unable to find a home in the south and we wanted to try and give her the second chance she deserved. Like many of the dogs we bring up from Amherst, she was timid and nervous around humans. One of our favorite days is when we find a wonderful home for our rescues. Ginny's new family was kind enough to share a true rescue story.  CLICK HERE to see how Ginny is doing after she settled in and became part of a loving family !


Kami was first introduced to TTAR board members Shannon (President) and Chuck (VP) while on a vacation from their daily lives to go down south and help our friends at Humane Society of Amherst County .  Kami was very shy and avoided human contact at all cost.  Shannon and Chuck's heart went out to Kami instantly. They worked with her as much as they could while down south and upon returning home they were determined to help Kami find her forever home.  It was not long after that Kami came up from Amherst into the care of Tattered Tails Animal Rescue, Inc. Through months of patience, love, and positive training TTAR slowly brought Kami out of her shell and a loving, well mannered dog emerged.  We were finally confident she would do well in a special home. Channel 69 News helped us find Kami the perfect home. 


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